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Even though I may not be your favorite student, or best student, I really did enjoy your class. It was truly informative, even to a human biology student like myself.  While I may not have the most accurate memory of all the figures, tropes, aka the language of what you taught, I recognize the concepts and reasoning of your teachings. I see them in my books I read daily and will probably read the textbooks again at some point. Class time was enjoyable, and your ability to summarize the text was very helpful. Group work was a highlight of the course and I’m grateful that you dealt with all the ridiculous ideas we came up with (*Space jail, mayan death cruise, purple drank cults, etc.) I hope you continue on your journey and continue to be successful in whatever you do. I’m sure plenty of people will continue to take your class, regardless of your grade distribution. And that they too will enjoy this class as much as I did.

This commercial by Apple appeals to the commonplace of everyone, simple is better. This is true in nature, where animals and even electrons assume the lowest, simplest, form in reactions. It’s true with humans, we want the simplest way to accomplish a task. There is common ground that all humans have thumbs. And that Apple did the simple thing of making their phone the simply perfect size so that you can simply use one hand/thumb to control it. I believe the tone and pace of the narrator perfectly emphasize the simplicity of this device. Apple then has a slight bit of humor towards the end, by throwing out the idea of coincidence or a “dazzling display of common sense”.

This is an ad for the new Chrome book. It appeals to man commonplaces of “EVERYONE”. The commercial is extremely effective in selling the product as it is “for _____” and provides a wide variety of common situations or feelings or events most of us have felt or may feel in the future. By having the large simple two line text over a funny relatable video, google wants you to imagine yourself or remember yourself in that same situation. It then pairs that experience with a service that google provides for which you can access of your chrome book. I think this works well, beyond the fact that I believe Google to have stellar products and advertising, the commercial itself gets me every time. Its selling itself to everyone, by having commonplaces like the “lazy sunday”, or the “first timers” ala your grandparents picking up a computer for the first time, google shows its product is applicable to everyone.

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Clinton 2012

Bill Clinton appeals to the C-span viewer in regards to the concept of algebra. 


Two Sides by Abbas Mushtaq

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While typically a stereotype of vegan food is bland, light, boring, disgusting, this cookbook shows the true commonplace of vegan food , worldly. By saying “Vegan Eats World”, the cover and title is saying that you can eat the entire “world” of food and still be vegan. “Recipes for savoring the planet” sell you on cosmopolitan cuisine that not only is vegan but delicious. There is also variety in the 300 different recipes breaking the mold of “boring” that a lot of people assume vegan food is. I personally am not vegan nor vegetarian. Though I don’t eat meat usually, I am not against it and if need be I would gladly scarf down a chicken sandwich, but not if I don’t need to. I do this not solely for animal rights but mainly for health reasons. I want to read this book. This book is selling the vegan commonplace of savory variety to a tee.

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